Download Free iOS 7 Icon Pack for Web Designers & Developers

The iOS 7 is already out and the developers, designers are busy creating content, tools and design stuff related to it for the iOS 7 applications. At this time, one of the worthy things to have along while you are designing, is the iOS 7 icons. These icons don’t include the ones which are made for the apps, but the ones which are located in the various system locations and the areas like Control center. Thus these are the icons one would need when building any tools or apps to match the new iOS 7.

iOS 7 Icons

The icons that are available in the pack include the ones like media icons, wifi settings icons, favourite, camera, sound or brightness settings icons and a few more. There are quite a lot of such iOS 7 icon packs available, which have the ones for the designers to make full use of, but this one looks the best in them.

The sophisticated and new design from Apple in the iOS 7 has changed a lot and that would need most of the apps to be redesigned if they have to match the interface and look better, and we have recently seen the WhatsApp for iOS 7 screenshots leaked. Although the apps would need some revamping, the iOS 7 itself has got quite a lot of issues that many users are facing, and would be seeing to fix each of them until Apple comes up with the official minor updates to the iOS 7 in the coming time.

Download the icon pack: Link

If you haven’t downloaded the iOS 7 for your Apple device, there are two minor updates later than that too, but check below for the links to download the IPSW files directly:


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