Download iOS 7 Default Official HD Wallpapers – iPhone & iPod Touch

The new wallpapers that are available in the iOS 7 are now very easily available for downloading and installing in your iPhone even if you didn’t get to install the iOS 7 on your iPhone or the iPod Touch. You can download these wallpapers and use on any small screen iOS device of yours right away.

There are quite a few different iOS 7 wallpapers which Apple has provided for the iPhone and iPod Touch users in the newly introduced iOS version, and they look pretty neat and light in colors which makes the feel on the phone’s display quite different than the previous versions where the wallpapers along with the shadowed text of App icons made it heavy to read. Read below on how to download the iOS 7 Wallpapers.

iOS 7 Official Wallpapers

Download iOS 7 Wallpapers

The iOS 7 Official Wallpapers are available for download through quite a lot of sources, so we are providing a direct link to download all of them at once. You may later choose the best one you feel to use on your iDevice. It doesn’t limit itself there as it is your choice to use it anywhere, on any other smartphone too as you are being provided with the direct wallpapers.

Download the official iOS 7 Wallpapers from this link: Click here.

The iOS 7 Wallpaper on Android Smartphones?

For those who wanted to have not just these wallpapers but more than this on their Android smartphone, you can do that through the iOS 7 Theme for Android but for those had a doubt on whether these pictures can be used on their Android device or not, it’s absolutely fine using them as they are the simple images which have got some good appreciation for the color combinations, and the jpg files can be used in any smartphone.

The Ios7 Wallpaper can be setup from the settings area after you have downloaded these wallpapers and shifted them into your iOS device, and see them in the Pictures section.


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