How to Fix the “Unknown Error 3000″ while updating to iOS 7 Beta via iTunes?

There have been quite a lot of errors reported by users while trying to install the beta versions of the iOS 7, and one of them commonly seen was the “Unknown Error 3000″ which was seen while installing iOS 7 Beta 4 and the iOS 7 Beta 5 versions which are the latest ones. You might notice this error when the iOS 7 beta version is downloaded and iTunes is in the final step of the installation of the iOS 7.


Check the link here: Error Downloading iOS 7 – Issue Reason, Fix to know more about it.

Error 3000 iTunes

One of the main reasons for this error to occur is the iTunes version and its compatibility to install the latest iOS 7 beta version onto the device. For quite a few people, the latest public version of the iTunes could install the iOS 7 Beta 5 but for many, it was failing with the Error 3000.

How to Fix the 3000 Error while installing iOS 7 Beta

To fix the issue, right now one of the known ways is to install the Apple iTunes 11.1 beta 1, which would install the iOS 7 beta without any issue. And installing the Beta 1 of iTunes 11.1 is independent of the iTunes you are running right now on your computer.

Before installing the iTunes 11.1 Beta 1, be sure that you have updated your iTunes to the latest version which is available through the software update section of Apple on your Windows computer or the Mac OS.

The current latest beta version of iOS 7 that is available right now is – iOS 7 Beta 5, which can be downloaded through the following links:

If still after downloading and installing the iTunes 11.1 Beta 1, you are not able to install the iOS 7 Beta 5 or the Beta 4 on your device, do let us know with the issue in the comments section, and we would try to assist you.


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