iOS 7 vs iOS 6 – Main Differences in Interface, Features & Apps

Apple came up with the iOS 7 which they call as the best update till date, but many have thoughts against it. A few calling it too childish, less professional and more inspired (or literally, copied) from Android and Windows Phone OS. But for us, much of the stuff is still better than the previous versions of the iOS. Let’s see what all is different in the iOS 7 from the iOS 6 version that is currently the dominant one in the Apple devices. [Check how to update your iPhone to iOS 7 from iOS 6]

Apple iOS 7 vs iOS 6

iOS 7 Lockscreen vs iOS 6 Lockscreen

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Lockscreen

The lockscreen is pretty much inspired from the Android OS, with the bottom slide line disappearing and the time section too now floating over the transparent wallpaper, which looks refreshing for an iOS user who has been using the iPhone since long, and got habituated to it. Two new additions, arrow marks from the top and bottom to open the Notification Center and the Control Center respectively.

In fact this is something new, that the notification center now can be opened from the lock screen too. This was not possible in the previous iOS versions.

iOS 7 Homescreen vs iOS 6 Homescreen

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Homescreen

This is what you see as soon as you unlock the screen, and there’s app lists and icons directly seen as unlike Android, the iOS never had a home screen separately with widgets and shortcuts, and the tradition continues. But what you see newly in the iOS 7 is the top blank notification bar due to the transparent screen, and less cluttering of the notification icons on the top. Apart from that, the shadows of the icon names are gone and the icons now look neater with the flat letters.

iOS 7 Folders, Messages and Icons vs same on iOS 6

When they change the stuff, they do it quite deep and it’s not just the main screens which show the differences, but we have seen the betterment of the Folders, the Messages app where the entire speech bubbles now are colored to differentiate, but the top bar with the contact name replicates a bit from the Windows Phone OS. The icons within the apps too are changed, for example, the “Add to Reading List icon” within the browser app.

Features available in iOS 7 but not in iOS 6

Some of the features are totally new and introduced in the new version, and these include the Notification Center with sections, the Control Center, the new Multitasking Menu etc. which altogether take the user interface and the experience to the next level.

There are a lot of differences between the two versions of the iOS, and if you had to compare the iOS 6 and 5, there wouldn’t have been much to talk about, but Apple has worked hard to push out a new version which comes with a lot of redesigning, additions of features and more simplicity. Check out the iOS 7 Set Up screenshots and if you had earlier used an iPhone you would easily make out the difference.

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