List of iOS 7 Beta 2 Bugs and Issues

The beta versions are primarily released for the developers to test them out, make apps and in general, find out all the bugs that the OS is having, so that Apple rectifies them before the public version is released. There’s a lot of improvement in the features (Check iOS 7 beta 2 features) but Apple has a lot of work to do, because we are seeing quite a lot of bugs in the iOS 7 Beta 2.

As of now, Apple has come up with the Beta 2 version of iOS 7, and the 3rd beta version is in the pipeline and the public release is during the fall, so these bugs would surely be worked on.

iOS 7 Beta 2 Bugs

Apple iOS 7 Beta 2 Bugs & Issues

Phone App Crashes

One of the big issues one won’t easily want to ignore and cannot correct by themselves – When the phone rings, sometimes the phone app crashes but the ringing doesn’t stop. There’s no option for the user to lift the call at that moment.

Contacts App

The bug in this was discovered in the first beta version itself, as the app was very slow and on heavy scrolling, it just closed and took me to the home screen. It persists in the Beta 2 too.

Siri became more irrelevant

Although being good with the new voices, and the male gender voice added, the actual thing has gone bad – The results for the commands and questions asked by the user. Questions about the celebrities, films and directors gave quite a lot of wrong answers. A problem with the search results may be though.

New Wallpaper makes it slow

With the wavy default wallpaper of iOS 7 Beta 1 or 2 we didn’t see any problem, but as soon as we change the wallpaper to any other provided ones or a downloaded one, the interface became a lot buggy, slow in response.

No turning off of Control Center

Not a bug but a feature that you think The control center purposefully comes up from the bottom of the screen, even when it is sometimes not needed when playing games where the user keeps swiping, for example, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush etc. and this gets annoying when suddenly due to your swipe the control center opens. There’s nothing you can do to turn it off.

Background Turning Black on Mutitasking

Multitasking was there since the earlier versions of iOS and the iOS 7 is no exception and there’s a new way to close the apps in the multitasking tab, but when you are continuously switching between- and closing the apps, the background becomes black, clearly showing there’s some issue with the response.

No proper Auto-fill in Safari

This was noticed in the iOS 7 Beta 2 in the iPad Mini, but there was no issue in the iPhone. The auto-fill gave a lot of issues, sometimes not at all doing what it is all made for. And to talk more about Safari, the data in Safari was gone after the update to Beta 2 was done.

Newsstand App as a Folder

The Newsstand App is made for the magazines, right? But the bug right now makes it a folder which can host and hold any application from your Apps list, just like the normal folders do. The purpose of a separate magazine app is gone.

There’s quite a few more bugs that users are reporting on various forums, but we are yet to confirm them and would list them. If you found any iOS 7 bug, do let us know by comments and we would try to see if there’s a fix available for that. Check the following links if you are still wondering how to have the iOS 7 on your device:

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